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HAL: Intel Beli Infineon Dan HP  Beli ArcSight

Intel to buy Infineon’s mobile unit for $1.4 billion
By Nicola Leske Nicola Leske – 1 hr 56 mins ago

FRANKFURT (Reuters) – Intel will buy German chipmaker Infineon’s wireless unit for $1.4 billion, enabling the U.S. chipmaker to boost its presence in the smartphone market.The cash transaction is expected to close in the first quarter of 2011 and the mobile unit will remain as a standalone business, the companies said in a statement on Monday. Three people familiar with the matter had told Reuters on Friday that Intel and Infineon would likely reach an agreement on the business’s future within the next few days.


Intel buys wireless chip tech in mobile-phone push
By JORDAN ROBERTSON, AP Technology Writer – Mon Aug 30, 7:40 pm ET
SAN FRANCISCO – As the world’s biggest maker of computer chips, Intel Corp. can’t afford to ignore its huge blind spot in mobile phones.Eighty percent of today’s personal computers use Intel processors. But Intel is absent in smart phones, which are threatening PCs as gateways to the Internet. One reason is that Intel still doesn’t have good ways to design chips to use less power, so Intel’s products drain batteries more quickly — something smart-phone makers won’t tolerate.
Intel Corporation President and CEO Paul S. Otellini walks off the stage following his keynote address at the Oracle OpenWorld conference in San Francisco, California in this September 23, 2008 file photo. REUTERS/Robert Galbraith Mon Aug 30, 1:48 AM ET

Wajah Eric Schmidt boss Google pada kartun yang muncul dalam papan iklan di kawasan Times Square New York awal September 2010, dan wajah temanku Nuh.

Hewlett-Packard buying ArcSight for $1.5 billion
By ANDREW VANACORE, AP Business Writer Andrew Vanacore – Mon Sep 13, 6:08 pm ET
NEW YORK – Hewlett-Packard Co. wants to have the answer to all of its customers’ technology problems. So it is buying network-security provider ArcSight Inc. to help them respond to the growing threat posed by hackers, computer viruses and digital fraud.The $1.5 billion deal announced Monday extends HP’s recent spate of acquisitions and could help signal that even after ousting CEO Mark Hurd, it hasn’t lost its footing in the effort to win fatter profit margins beyond the personal-computer business.
This picture taken on January 2010 shows computer maker Hewlett-Packard headquarters in Diegem. Hewlett-Packard said Monday it has agreed to buy security software firm ArcSight for 1.5 billion dollars, the second major acquisition by the US computer giant in the past few weeks. (AFP/BELGA/File/Dirk Waem) Mon Sep 13, 2:50 PM ET
HP continued to brush off concerns that it is paying too much to grow in new areas. The new deal came just weeks after HP won a bidding contest with Dell Inc. over the data-storage company 3Par Inc., agreeing to pay $2.07 billion, or $33 per share.ArcSight’s products pull in data from across an organization’s computer networks and translate the information into a format that can be combed for evidence of a security breach, either in real time or after the fact. Nearly a third of its revenue comes from federal agencies looking to protect sensitive data.

The deal gives HP a major presence in an industry in which some of its main tech rivals, including IBM Corp. and EMC Corp, have already planted themselves through acquisitions.


Pada suratku “Isyarat Paris Hilton Soal ‘M’ Lain” tertanggal 29 Agustus 2010 di alinea ke-7 aku tulis soal beberapa foto terkait PLTN Iran sudah ada di Yahoo, tapi aku belum menemukan “foto dari momen ketika batangan bahan bakar nuklir yang seperti neon itu mulai dicelupkan ke reaktor”. Kemudian muncul berita mengenai perusahaan chip terkenal Intel membeli perusahaan chip Jerman yang  bernama Infineon. Saat itu berita tersebut baru saja dimuat oleh Reuters.

Sedangkan pada 13 September 2010 waktu Jakarta, setelah aku memuat surat “Pertemuan Damai Timteng, Temanku Nuh Dan Kartun Eric Schmidt” tentang temanku Nuh Alatas yang wajahnya seperti mirip wajah kartun Eric Schmidt CEO dari Google, kemudian muncul berita mengenai perusahaan komputer terkemuka HP membeli perusahaan network-security provider ArcSight. Mungkin kamu tahu juga bahwa dalam kisah nabi Nuh a.s., kata yang sangat sering muncul di kisah tersebut dalam bahasa Inggris adalah soal Noah’s Ark, atau perahu nabi Nuh.

Jakarta, 18 September 2010.

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